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Proxy server ip list - update January 24,2013

A proxy server, for example, between a client computer, a Web browser and a real server is a server that can be found. The client application, the proxy server intercepts the request and sends the request, if it is trying to comply. If the proxy server, the request to be sent to the server to perform.

Requests that the proxy servers, results, the goal will be saved, so the next time a customer’s Decision to send the requests to the time to answer all at once taken from the
proxy cache to reduceProxy servers, reduce the time for each request, for example, that there is very little traffic, you can server. Dramatically improve the performance of the server cannot fulfill that delegates be able to fulfill all requests.

Another use proxy server to filter to requests. In this way, companies and their employees have access to the online server and can provide additional security that can control sites.

Finally, representatives of online sites also block personal information from Internet users to hide the user's IP, surf anonymously used.

: A variety of servers, proxy servers, some of the most common types are

Application server - connections between application servers, database servers and clients are used.

FTP - file transfer protocol server, converting files is sure of security and control over the whole transfer process server on the Internet to another computer, one of the most used.

E-mail servers - used by companies to store their corporate network and exchange e-mails, LAN or WAN, and the Internet is one of the.

Web server - Web server offered by all the static content on the Internet. Information and change of the physical disks to a user via HTTP web browser on the entire network.

Proxy server ip list - update January 24,2013

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